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With the growing need to keep an eye on what’s happening worldwide, the need to purchase or upgrade to HD technology has become crucial. As a result, the surveillance industry's market size is projected to double by 2019 to about 43 billion dollars. So, it's important to understand how each of us are affected by this growth and, more importantly, why we should care.


The Media Storm


Surveillance technology's role in everyday American life is rising like a fever. Since Columbine, political, legal, and public debates over policies on gun control have caused uproar in our news and entertainment industry. And as the shootings maintain an upward trend, so does public anxiety. People have taken to filling their homes with IP cameras, High-Definition CCTV systems like HD-SDI and HD-CVI, and even home alarm systems to feel safer. And, with the wars overseas, there is also the constant paranoia of sleeper cells walking among us. Government spending has increased, law enforcement gain more and more reasons to monitor and be monitored, and everything is being posted online immediately.

Over the last decade, the video surveillance industry has developed an upward shift that is only gaining more momentum year over year. There are more crimes being committed that are caught on camera than any time before. This creates a higher demand and desire for deterrence through surveillance technology. Another major contributor happens to be that the technology is becoming cheaper and more readily available for commercial and consumer use. These factors are the primary driving forces of the rapid and almost certainly steady growth of video security systems. But despite all the madness and panic, it's not all about fear.


Piece of Mine


Technology, as you already know, has a rate of growth that is so incredibly fast, that what was unrivaled yesterday can very well have become obsolete today. To electronics junkies, the quest to stay at the forefront of the latest and greatest is exhilarating. But most people are satisfied that the ever-changing technology industry often bears the fruit of amazing technology becoming more and more and affordable. This mostly happens when materials become cheaper as the industry becomes standardized and a pool of competition is established.

The fastest-growing and most popular cameras have been IP cameras due to their ability to record to a remote location as well as grant users remote access. But, to non-technical users, these cameras can be more trouble than they are worth when it comes to troubleshooting and managing configurations, especially with multiple-camera set-ups. Not only that, but the notion that these cameras stay connected to the network increases user suspicion that attackers could access them and violate their privacy.

Despite their obvious advantages, certain people seek an alternative to IP cameras and go for closed-circuit systems. This has become truer as they have begun to offer High-Definition CCTV solutions. Most notably among these, HD-CVI offers a CCTV iteration that transcends the previously misunderstood limits of a closed-circuit system with simplicity and style. It's practically plug-and-play, and a backwards compatible, rock-solid HD system where one wouldn't have to wrestle with the inconvenience of a network set-up. Greatest of all, if you wanted to, you can still connect it to the network, but would only need to configure one device (the DVR) instead of all cameras. But, all in all, there is still more to the recent upsurge in the acquisition of security systems than anxiety and availability.


Peace of Mind


Perhaps the most vital consideration to whether or not one might decide to adopt their very own method of securing their property and loved ones is simply being able to sleep better at night. You don't have to be paranoid to fill your house with bullet cameras. A lot of people simply want to keep in touch while they're at work, traveling, or away from home. Being able to check in on the kids, a babysitter, your troublesome roommates or pets starts off as a luxury, but very quickly becomes an absolute necessity.

Whether you live alone, or in a year-round circus, having the ability to know what's going on at all times is an unquestionable utility. It's also a great way to acquire evidence. Parents no longer have to worry about when their kids get home from school, what Grandma is doing, or who keeps taking the car out at night. Security systems allow one to take their attention and love of their family to the next level.




Maybe you simply have the habit of worrying too much about family and need some comfort. Or maybe you want to protect your precious investments inside or outside the home. Regardless of your situation, there are obvious benefits and advantages for anyone to add video surveillance to their life. And between IP and CCTV systems, you have the option of choosing what works best for you. Now you can do more than sleep like a baby, you can actually watch your baby sleep.